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Summer 2021 Bali Collection

Bohemian Goddess Bohemian Sisters Collective Summer 2021 Bali Collection


Our new collection has been lovingly made on the shores of Bali.  Each garment encapsulates a breezy, flirty, summer silhouette to suit women of all shapes and sizes.  Stepping into these beautiful pieces will raise your vibration and lift your soul.  Smile for an added wow factor!!



When designing this collection I had a vision of boho goddesses running barefoot through sun drenched fields among wild stallions. A beautiful connection to nature and it’s glorious bliss.  Encapsulated by the feeling of floating in the wilderness while embracing your classy chic.



The universe connected Olivia to Bohemian Sisters Collective.  Instantly, I knew we would work together.  Olivia is the epitome of a boho goddess, a nomad and a free spirit. It goes without saying she puts the ‘boho’ in goddess and has created her own muse in the modelling world!



The universe bestowed Paris into this unique triage of soulful bohemians.  Paris is an incredibly talented musician and has the kindest sweetest soul I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Until recently Paris formed part of “The Adelaides” group.  Now her talent embarks her on a solo career destined towards Nashville, USA.  She has a glorious musical career ahead!



The girls created a look that totally fulfilled my dreams of “Bohemian Sisters Collective” vibe in the BOHO world.  I watched in awe as my designs were worn by beautiful goddesses in a truly iconic setting.

We were so lucky to have perfect weather and an amazing location!  We shot the entire photoshoot at Field Station in Surrey.  Nature hugged us as we shot wonderful scenes in the busy hustle of summertime ecosystems!



The icing on the cake were of course the two incredibly stunning horses: Alo and Thorsten.  They posed as if famous actors and awarded us with some truly magnificent shots.



The whole day was perfect from start to finish.  My thoughts envisioned years ago literally unfolded in front of my eyes!  Just like that, one of my dreams had come true. I still pinch myself when I see my designs being worn by all of you beautiful boho women.  I’m inspired and empowered by each and every one of you.

It just goes to show, that old scrap of paper with an affirmation written on it, or that pin you saved that serves as inspiration for years and years – don’t lose sight of it, one day it’s going to come true.


Be water friends,

Evelina Merrick - designer & founder of Bohemian Sisters Collective






Muse: Olivia Harriet

Muse: Paris Georgia

Horses: Black - Thorsten, Brown Alo

Location @field_station

Photographer: Rachel Sherlock

Videographer: Olivia Harriett

Set Styling: Olivia Harriett

Creative & Styling: Olivia Harriet & Evelina Merrick

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