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Our collections are created in small, limited-run batches.

We are build on conscious sourcing, sustainable practices, and fair trade practices

Our vision is based in the strength of sisterhood and a shared passion to create and inspire others.

Each item is carefully considered, making sure they vibe with giving you the ultimate boho look.

Moon Dust Necklaces

beautiful and powerful necklaces lucid enough to stand out on your neck.

Romantic Hair Accessories

Secure your tresses with our beautiful hair accessories featuring different designs and metals.

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About Us

Who are we?

My name is Evelina and I started Bohemian Sisters Collective in 2018, my vision is based in the strength of sisterhood and a shared passion for bohemian ethical fashion.

As a brand focused on mindful consumerism and conscious fashion, we sweat every little detail. We believe everything matters and this is our manifesto, our philosophy, our ethos.

Each of our garments have been designed with love, care and a determined dedication to positively impact both people and planet through their production.

Each collection is created in small, limited-run batches. 

Our priority is trading in a manner that is kind to our fellow humans and this precious planet. We want our customers to leave us with a sense of having purchased something special, produced in an ethical way.

Let your mind and soul become entwined in our free spirited yet glamorous fashionable cult.