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Ata Bags from Bali

Who doesn't love a beautiful rattan handbag?

While straw bags have traditionally been reserved for beach vacations and summer trysts, it’s clear that Ata rattan bags have become a bohemian staple.

These bags have inspired me to take a chance and open my boho dreamland, aka this shop! I love the look and the texture of each one of these bags, the endless shapes and the natural smell of the rattan and leather.

But before I found "the one" I had to research carefully where my bags came from and who made them. Don't be fooled there are many "fakes" available online, and unless you do some much needed research you can be fooled into buying a not so good replica.

Just a bit of info about the bags you can purchase on our website:

Ata Bags

Ata Grass is a vine, which grows at the foothills of a Volcano In Bali. This grass is strong and rigid which make the bags last a lifetime if you properly care for them.

As our bags are handmade therefore they’re UNIQUE. They’ve been woven mainly by women in a small village to the southwest of Bali.  These are made in small batches. After each bag has been weaved, it needs to be washed and consecutively dried under the sun light. Once it is ready, each is taken into a coconut husk fire, which finally adds the unique brown/caramel colour each bag has. To produce a single bag takes around 3 days as they’re meticulously handcrafted.

Please be aware, each bag may slightly vary from each other (color, pattern, design, size). This is exactly what makes each product a unique piece.

Our bags are fair-trade and made with love.

We believe that our pieces should have relevance in the world and cultures, tribes and artists and should originate and sustain the culture where the pieces originated. By purchasing our Ata bag you can be sure you are kind to our fellow humans and this precious planet.

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